Realestate companies in Dubai start spamming

Mar 14

So with the downturn in the economy towards the end of last year, the real estate agents have had to do some work now to sell properties rather than fleecing buyers and sellers in commission. With some well known property developers in Dubai selling home owner mailing lists to anyone and everyone (it even appeared online), estate agents have now opened their floodgates and i've been sinking in spam. I'm constantly updating my spam list with everyone who spams me and putting it up here for you to add to your blacklists.

Now on Drupal 6.10

Mar 03

Ok, finally upgraded to Drupal 6.10 and still not added any content. But it will happen soon. I've been tinkering a lot, so lots of stuff up write about.  Work has taken precedence unfortunately.

Drupal 6.9 Installed

Jan 19

So i finally decided to blow out 2006 content and upgrade from 4.6.9 to Drupal 6.9. More content to come..

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